Our story


Common solution for many parents – an cot covered with blankets.

When our lovely daughter Kristin outgrew her crib, mum Siret started searching for a new bed. The wooden crib had been a real pain – stiff, noisy, giving Kristin bruises. So we had certain ideas about how the new bed had to be – soft and safe, colourful and child-friendly.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a bed that met our criteria, neither in the shops nor on the Internet. So, we sat down and made some sketches. After that, we consulted with Henn, the carpenter. As a result of this partnership, two beds were created for our two daughters.

The girls immediately liked the beds because it is far more fun to climb into them over the pillows, jump off the sides of them, turn somersaults or lay down, letting legs hang over the pillows. Neither of the girls has fallen from their beds and their blankets stay in the beds, too. You can move the bed wherever you need it to be, and you can build extra sides with the pillows. Every night is calm and comfortable for children and parents alike.

Moreover, when your children do not need the pillows anymore, you can remove them to make a quality bed that can be used through their adolescence.